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ThinkingThrough Online Supervision provides a secure, convenient, safe and confidential service where all therapists, clinicians and practitioners can reflect on their work with highly qualified and experienced peers.

  • Supervision
  • CBT Supervision
  • EMHP Supervision
  • CWP supervision
  • Coaching supervision
  • Other Mental Health Supervision


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Our highly-trained, professional supervision team provides high-quality clinical, case management and clinical skills supervision for therapists, clinicians, practitioners and trainees (CBT, EMHP & CWP). We offer a high-quality, confidential and secure online service that is easy to use and offers value for money.

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You can access quality online face-to-face clinical supervision from a choice of practitioners. This can include live sampling supervision with session recordings being transferred securely. Supervisor reports for trainees can be created and shared upon request (an additional fee will apply).

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