"My therapist was very patient and highly knowledgeable…"

I was referred to a Thinking Through therapist during a low period in my mental wellbeing. They helped me to regain my confidence and ability to deal with the challenges of life.

My therapist was very patient and highly knowledgeable and was able to offer guidance using CBT and EMDR, both of which assisted in combating my OCD and PTSD, respectively.

I am so grateful to have been referred to the service provided by Thinking Through, and would highly recommend this service to help restore any mental health issues you are struggling with.

"I urge anyone who’s on the fence about online therapy to give it a try"

I decided to give online therapy a try when lockdown started as I was struggling with my identity as a stay at home mum again in quarantine after losing my job.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, quite apprehensive, and was wary of delving into the past and potentially coming out more stressed and low than I went in!

But how wrong I was! My conversations with the therapist allowed me to gain a clarity and insight into my thought patterns that I’d never thought would be available to me. It’s made a massive difference and I urge anyone who’s on the fence about online therapy to give it a try.

"I would definitely recommend using ThinkingThrough"

Online therapy has changed my life – literally. It is so smooth and easy to use, I never came across any problems.

The therapist was very helpful and I was able to make strong connections with them, as well as feeling confident that what I was saying was still confidential while on video call. The therapist has helped me overcome my anxiety, and allowed me to carry on with normal life.

I would definitely recommend using ThinkingThrough if you need therapy for any reason.

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